Challenge Accepted

I have a “regular” life.  It mostly involves cooking and laundry, animal care and various other home centered tasks.  I love this life.  It has been my world for the last twenty-one years and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Unfortunately, some of my usual assignments are becoming obsolete as the boys become more self reliant.  That leaves quite a bit of free time.  When that free time isn’t filled constructively, I become self-DEstructive.  I sleep too much, exercise to little, rarely socialize and eat everything in sight.  So I’ve undertaken a few challenges to move myself outside of my comfort zone and find the life that is waiting for me on the other side of motherhood.  You already know that I am working on my 30 Days of Writing Challenge, and my Sneaky Cards Challenge.  I am also beginning a 30 Day Photography Challenge, a 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge and a 30 Days of Happiness Challenge.  I’m determined to challenge myself to grow and to find more of me along the way.

Today’s writing challenge is “A Quote You Try To Live By”.  As I am working on my health, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my chances of success.  One resource that I’ve found is daily affirmations.  One of my favorite affirmations is, “I am creative enough to find a solution for any problem.”  That is such an empowering belief!  And I find it to be very true.  Of course, all the solutions that I find may not be feasible, or perfect.  But I can always find a solution that will work.  Or at least, that’s been my life experience.  Every problem I have ever faced, I’ve found a solution for.  Sometimes the solution is nothing less than time.  Still, that is a solution.  When I feel afraid or confused, I remind myself that it will be okay, because I will find a solution.  Usually, that’s all the encouragement I need to be able to face the situation head on.

My friend Britney and I went to the library to watch “Hidden Figures” last night.  As a tried and true introvert, that’s outside of my safety zone, but I am so glad that I agreed to go.  We were the youngest people in the room.  That’s the first time that has happened to me in a long time!  It was kind of nice.  There were two ladies who I would guess to be in their late sixties at the table in front of us.  One was African-American, the other was Caucasian.  They were discussing whether they would be in town for the next movie night because they are going on a trip around that time.  As they chattered about their plans I was struck with wonder at their friendship.  How long had they been best friends?  Where did they meet?  What kinds of shenanigans do they get into together?  You could tell that they see each other at least a few days a week.  It was so precious, and it made my heart happy!  I want to be them when I grow up!  (Well, one of them.  If I am both of them then the only adventure I may get to go on is to the home for the senile, if ya’ know what I mean.  Actually…me being me…that’s not really that much of a stretch of the imagination.  Well, as long as me and I are happy together, I guess that’s all that really matters.)

While at the library, I snuck (spellcheck tells me that snuck is not a word, but I’m using it, and I bet you know what it means, so I think it is a word!)  Anyway, I SNUCK a Sneaky Card into my favorite library book.  Whoever finds it is supposed to add the name of my book to the list and then sneak it into their favorite library book.  Sneaky Card Challenge success?  Check!

Today’s Happiness Challenge was to go outside.  Britney and I went for a two hour walk around Georgetown to work on the Photography Challenge.  I usually struggle for 8,000 steps a day on my fitness tracker.  Today I had in 10,000 before 10:00 am.  Fitness Challenge success?  Check!  Happiness Challenge success?  Check!

My Photography Challenge for the day was “Street”.  You can decided for yourself if you think I had Photography Challenge success.  Personally, I say, “Check!”  This is my top choice for “Street”, taken on Opera Alley looking North toward Main Street in Georgetown.  This little alley has a TON of character!


My second favorite was this shot, taken on North Court Street in Georgetown.


And just for the fun of it…on our way home we stopped to capture some beautiful blooms.  Both of my talented friends, Britney and Mary have captured some awesome insect photos.  I wanted to try my hand.  I believe this is a Honeysuckle bush.


I got ’em!  It’s as exciting as capturing Pokemon!

My Gratitude Challenge is “A Smell You’re Thankful For”.  There are two.  The first is allspice.  Allspice means that it is Christmas time.  Time for fried apple pies and country ham.  Allspice is memories of family gatherings at Nanny’s.  It is winter mornings with a fireplace crackling while my Mamaw is in the kitchen and I am in the floor with the Sunday comics spread in front of me.  I lay on my stomach and kick my feet in the air behind me and I giggle.  Allspice is the smell of love, and I am eternally grateful for the love of my family, for my heritage.  The other smell that I am thankful for is Diesel Fuel.  Diesel Fuel is the smell of my husband returning from work.  It is the security of a job that affords us the ability to live and love happily.  It means that Dean has come back to me safely.  I am grateful for the smell of Diesel Fuel.  For some it may not be a pleasant smell, but for me, it is another smell that means love and hope, security and peace.

So…that’s my busy day of LIFE!  I’m looking forward to another one tomorrow!  We’re almost half way to the weekend friends!  I hope the rain leaves you feeling refreshed and challenged to grow today!



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