Who Am I?

In continuation of my 30 days of writing experiment, I have ten more items to list under “interesting facts about me”.  Here’s one…I’m terrified that I’m not really interesting.  I hear people talk about how their story can inspire others.  In church circles they call it your “testimony”.  I’m not sure that being a blanket collector would qualify me to testify.

I guess I could testify that there are exceptions to every rule.  I was pregnant when I married at 20.  We had nothing.  And we lost most of that.  I cried more nights than I can count because I was terrified that we would end up in a homeless shelter.  By the grace of my parents, that didn’t happen.  And things got better.  Not all at once, but by degrees. And even though most of the people at our wedding figured they would be watching our divorce proceedings within two years, we celebrated 21 years of marriage last month. By my calculations, we have at least 40 more ahead of us.  Not too bad for a couple of kids who had no idea what they were doing.  I’m pretty proud of that.  So many times I was told that yes, there are exceptions to the rule, but I/we would not be that exception.  I was right and we are the exception and for that I hold my head up high.

Maybe part of the reason that we’ve lasted so long is because I’m a hopeless romantic.  I watched all the movies about how life would try to tear apart two people in love.  But in the end, love was always stronger than anything that tried to break it.  I believe in that. I have always worked to give love the extra edge it needs to prevail.  Dean has done the same.  So although we originally fell “in” love, now we succeed “at” love.  Not every minute of every day, of course, but as a whole, definitely.

I have an addiction to logic puzzles.  There are seek-and-find games that come out each November.  In October, when the release date is announced, I begin asking for them for Christmas.  By the time the release date comes, I’ve gotten myself so excited that, inevitably, I buy the game for myself.  I like the seek-and-find part, but even better are the mini-games between chapters that are very much like “Escape Game” puzzles. Sometimes I get frustrated because my brain doesn’t work the way the game requires it to work. That’s when I call in Investigators Dean and Vance.  I am fascinated by the way they see the world which is often in direct contrast with the way that I see it.  Things that I struggle with over and over again, they solve in a matter of minutes.  That’s pretty awesome team work, and maybe THAT is why I love the games so much.  That and I’m nosy, ahem, I mean curious,  so solving a mystery is right up my ally!

I love to read.  Or I used to, back when there was more time.  Where does that stuff keep disappearing to, anyway?  Now I find myself captured by one author at a time, and I will read and read and read until I have inhaled all of their words and then I wait and pace for the next release date.  Currently, I am waiting for Joshilyn Jackson’s newest book, Almost Sisters.  If you haven’t read any of her books, I can not recommend them highly enough.  My favorites are Between, Georgia and The Opposite of Everyone.  I bought The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Joshilyn Jackson’s book Gods in Alabama was a recommendation by Amazon.  I was desperate for SOMETHING to read so I gave it a shot. It was good.  But it seemed like each book I read got better than the last.  She writes in a way that pulls me into the story from the very beginning and keeps me there until the end.  You can’t go wrong with a writer like that!  I aspire to that kind of writing!

So there’s five more facts about me.  Ten down, five to go.  Shew, this is harder work than I expected.  I look forward to moving on to the next question!  Oh…one more fact about me…I am a professional procrastinator, so yesterday when I said I had to go run errands, I only finished half of what I needed to get done.  I’m on my way out the door to finish the rest, now.  Hey…that was a fact!  I’m down to four!  Ha-cha!

The sunshine is fantastic today!  Put on your shorts and soak it in! Here’s a picture of another day when the sunshine was dazzling!  Look closely and you’ll see the swarm of butterflies who were basking in it.  I hope your weekend is a light and carefree and beautiful as they are!


Your laughter brings me sunshine
Everyday is spring time
And I am only happy when you are by my side
How precious is this love we share
How very precious, sweet and rare
Together we belong like daffodils and butterflies

-Love Is Like A Butterfly, Dolly Parton

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