Thirty Days of Writing

I am undertaking a new challenge!  Thirty days of writing.  Surely something good will come of this!  There’s only one way to find out.  I’m diving in, head-first!

Today’s challenge is to post a recent picture of myself and share 15 interesting facts about me.  I don’t have a lot of recent pictures of myself.  But this one…20170507_100002

would have to be one of my favorites.  It’s not a pretty pose, but it’s got so much of what I love all in this one place, and you can see that on my face.  As an added bonus, I’m wearing my cool-as-all-get-out zoo print, multi-colored 5K sunglasses.  If that’s not my personality, I don’t know what is.  Dean was pumping gas, and I couldn’t hold Patches up and take the selfie at the same time or else you could see the complete picture of what makes me wholly happy.

Fifteen things that are “interesting” about me…Hmmm…

Well, I’ve recently learned to French Braid my own hair!  This is driving Dean crazy because now I won’t do ANYTHING else with it.  After thirty years of standing  on my head trying to blow dry my hair into a “style”, now I jump out of the shower, braid it up and I’m done.  Awesomesauce!  I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually.  And it’s not anywhere near perfected, but I’m always excited to learn something new!

I may or may not have told you before, but I still sleep with my baby blanket.  It is in tattered shreds now…more balls of yarn wadded together than anything that really resembles a blanket.  But my Gramma made it for me before I was born and I have been deeply attached to it for as long as I can remember.  My parents had to drive thirty plus miles back to town to pick it up more than once so that I could sleep.  It was beside me at each of my births, through both of my surgeries, a piece was in by bouquet when I married Dean.  I’ve cried over broken hearts, and snuggled down with it after the worst days of my life.  It’s been wrapped around beloved pets, my “babies” and covered me as I napped at Mamaw’s.  It’s not going anywhere until they bury me with it.

My husband loves me so much that he conspired with his Mom to make me a new one. They made it as a surprise, and it meant the world to me.  The first night that I lay down with it, I snuggled into it and though, there is no one in this world who has ever loved me or will ever love me more than this man does.  He would do anything to protect my heart and make me smile.  As much as I love words, trying to compress the love we have into just a few words is pretty impossible.  Suffice it to say, I am loved and I am grateful for that!

This is just number four?  Oh my…hmmm…well, on the subject of blankets, I think I may be somewhat of a blanket hoarder.  This is kind of a recent development.  When my Gramma passed away, we were looking through her trunk and found the blanket that she and Grampa had on their bed for many, many years of their marriage.  I took it right home and put it on my bed.  Unfortunately, it is starting to fray from years of use, too, so it has been put away now, but it is still very precious to me.  Then there is my t-shirt quilt, made of shirts from my family, and the boys, and Dean, shirts we’ve made together as art projects while homeschooling, and shirts from the different plays that we’ve done.  There are many, many memories in that quilt. I have a blanket that Nanny made, and of course, my Huggie blanket, and my new blanket.  But the truth is that I’m more of a collector of moments.  Somehow it seems to me that many of our dreams and hopes and loves get caught in our blankets and I want to surround myself with as many of those moments as I can.

That leads right on into the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic.  All that being a hopeless romantic entails, that’s me.  I love a good love story better than anything.  Give me the Prince William and Princess Katherine wedding every day of the year.  That would be bliss!  So once you’ve finished barfing, you can come back and finish reading.  I’ll wait…

Well…that’s five.  I think I’m going to have to give this a bit more thought.  Unfortunately, I have a ton of errands to run so I can’t finish right now.  But I’ll be back! Hope to see you here!

Have an AMAZING weekend friends!

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