The Odds and Ends (But Mostly Just the Odds)

I wanted to share some photos with you from the last week and a half.  We’ve been busy little beavers.  We helped Vance to put together a computer desk, survived the storm of the century (or maybe just the storm of the month, but it was heller!), survived another full moon, and visited our local museum for some culture.

As we worked on the desk, we were supervised by Ferb.  She kept us in line and didn’t put up with our shenanigans.  She takes her work very seriously.  As she should.  She is, after all, a woman working in a man’s world!  We thank you for your dedication Ferb!


I found out this week that it is, in fact, possible to make a guinea pig happy.  Kroger had bedding fluff for sale in the pet section so I grabbed some while shopping.  I’ve never seen this piggy so content in his life.  Check out the look on his face!  That is one happy pig!


He was glad to have that bedding to snuggle down in when the storm came through.  I was glad to have my bedding to snuggle down in too!  There were a couple of booms that left me wondering if the earth was split in two!  But as always, after the rain, comes the beauty:


I’ve been hurty, tired and me-motional for a couple of days.  The moon usually has something to do with it, but I never realize it until I see it hovering there above me.  I know that “scientifically speaking” we are not controlled by the moon.  I also know that seldom does a full moon pass without me getting a little wild and crazy.  It is what it is.  I think this is beautiful!  The picture didn’t do it justice.  When it comes to the heavens, pictures rarely do.


Sunday, we got to see the Viking special exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.  We got Dean tickets for his birthday.  I don’t think we enjoyed the exhibit the way it was meant to be enjoyed, as shown below.  It’s possible that we are uncultured swine.  However, we laughed A LOT (too much according to some of the stares we got).  If I have to choose, I’ll take laughter over culture any day.

First off, this sign really confused me:


No pointing?  Really?  In a museum?  That’s all we did was point!  “Hey, check that out!”  (point) “Hey, what’s THAT???” (point)  “Hey, look at that tall guy with the bubble butt!”  (point)  Now what they should have had was a No Staring sign…it’s rude to stare, people!  We know we’re sexy, but come on, we’re more that just pieces of meat!



Here we have a sword set up to allow visitors to test the weight and balance of swords used during the time of the Vikings.  Vance wondered how many people had impaled themselves before the electrical tape was used to blunt the end of the sword.  ‘Cause there’s one in every crowd…



Did Vikings visit the Mayan Dynasty and steal treasures given to them by aliens?  Ancient Alien Theorists say yes!


I have attempted to sew a straight line.  With modern technology.  I still find it nearly impossible.  I would give anything to be able to sew a simple quilt.  So I’ll be damned if I’d spend the time it takes to put together a work of art like this and then allow some MAN to haul it out and let it get dirty and torn to shreds being used as a sail for his fishing boat.  Oh, there are some men of yore that better be thanking Odin that I didn’t live during their time!


Dean disagreed with me about the use of certain implements that we saw displayed.   I think this:


is a device used to keep husbands agreeable in mid evil times.  Dean thinks it is more likely an old vasectomy kit.  But can’t you just see “Helga” grabbing “Hagar” by the nose with the pliers and leading him to the living room where he left his stinky socks laying in the floor, AGAIN! Helga threatening Hagar with the ax while berating him for not picking up after himself?  Either way, we don’t think these tools were man’s best friend.

This is a selfie of Loki.  You could tell he was getting ready to get up to some antics by just looking at him.  Of course, if I had lived during that time period, this probably would have been the god that I would worship.  He’s just my kind of zany!  Check out that ‘stache! And the unibrow!  Oh yeah!


I did expect Thor to look a little more like Hercules and a little less like The Gingerbread Man.  According to the Viking tradition, it seems that Marvel may have taken a good many liberties with “The Avengers”.


We tried to do a little learning while we were there.  We learned how to translate runes.  For instance this:


Apparently translates to, “F U Thark.  Hernias@Tumblr”  Such language!  But then, what did we expect from a bunch of frozen tundra hicks?  I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere that they drink a lot of beer, too.  It all seems to fit the stereotype.  I will say that I was unaware that Vikings had Tumblr accounts.  More proof of stolen Ancient Alien technology!


This “No helmets allowed” sign was at the end of the exhibit.  Legit warning or hair brained idea by an overzealous curator?  You decide.

And last, but definitely not least, because no museum exhibit is ever complete without a phallic “fertility” sculpture (and also because me trying to get a clear shot of this by taking 62 pictures from different angles while Vance was mumbling under his breath, “Okay Mom, that’s enough.  Stop it, people are staring!  MOM!!!” was hilarious):


Though, to be honest, this guy looks more to me like he is thinking, “How?  How did I leave the house without pants on AGAIN???”

So we’re probably one of the most uncouth groups to visit the museum lately, but we’re also one of the happiest!


Which is what I find most important!  (Special thanks to Shayne, our family photographer.)

I hope you’re group has a happy week, too, friends!  Enjoy the warmth and the sunshine when she peeks through.  Be thankful for the little moments.  That’s what the best of life is made of!   ♥





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    1. I thought that I had replied Mary. I’m so sorry. My head isn’t on straight. Thank you so much for reading my blog. It means more to me than you know. I am so glad that you’re enjoying it!


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