My Favorite Valentine


I love you for a million little reasons.  I try to make sure you know.  I try to tell you every day.  I hope beyond hope that you never doubt how deep and wide my love for you.

I love how you will eat anything I make for you, never a complaint, no matter how badly I may have messed up the recipe.  You always make me feel appreciated.

I love you because you give the very best snuggles.  You are always there when I need you. You are my protector and my best friend.

I love the way you never fail to make my heart smile. You are so funny.  You’re always making me laugh.

I love your fuzzy face and the white that now colors the hair over your ears that used to be so dark.

I love how I can get lost in your big brown eyes, and how they always look back at me with love.

I love the way you make me feel so special by always being glad to see me, even if it’s first thing in the morning and I have morning breath.  You never mind.  I always wake to see you watching me and I can tell how happy it makes you when I open my eyes, like you’ve been waiting forever to see me again, even though I’ve been right there beside you all night.

I love how you are always so patient with me, and so forgiving, even if I’ve hurt you or let you down.

I love how you are willing to listen to me rant about any little thing and you never interrupt.

I even love your stubbornness. The way you sometimes refuse to listen, and you are determined to do it your way.  I appreciate your determination.

I love you for all of these reasons, and so many more.  And this is why, Patches McFuzzynut, you will always be my favorite Valentine.

(Dedicated to my one true Valentine who always appreciates my sense of humor.  I love you always, Babe.  You know who you are.  WINK, WINK)

May there be abundant love – furry and otherwise – in the lives of all who read this.  Happy Valentine’s Day!





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